How to do Meditation:

The Ancient, Real Thing

by Arielle Hecht

What is meditation and how to do it?
Michael Mackintosh

The #1 reason people don’t meditate and how to make the practice solid?
Arielle Hecht

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Spiritual Meditation Techniques: Understanding the Real Roots of Meditation (That May Surprise You)

I realize this article may upset some people. I’m sorry in advance. We all can get very attached to our own ideas about what meditation is and what it is not. I wanted to bring some clarity into the topic, so that you can feel empowered knowing the actual roots of meditation, and discover a practice that will change your life and meditation practice.

In today’s world, we have an increase in stress and pressures, to-dos and tobes. It is a high stress environment for most people. More than ever, people are on medication for depression and anxiety, and as a humanity, it seems we’ve lost the feeling of being the master of our minds, and instead, our minds are the masters of us. Sound familiar?

And so the latest pill or solution is pursued, in hopes that it will calm the mind and body. Yet, nothing really works, right? That’s because our minds are not supposed to rule us. It is unnatural to our core. We sense something is seriously amiss, though, we can’t quite put our finger on what.


A Master of Your Mind

The awareness and practice of being a master of your own mind goes back a long way. Let’s go back 2500 years ago in India. Here we see the first meditation texts and directions emerge, yet, it is not called meditation.

It’s called yoga.

And no, I don’t mean yoga in the sense of stretchy pants and roll out mats. I mean the true essence of yoga.
Yoga means union. Raja Yoga, found in the Bhagavad Gita, means “Highest Union”, or “Union with the Highest”. Raja Yoga essentially means, Union with the Divine.

And so the first form of meditation is a spiritual meditation technique by it’s very nature. It is about uniting, or rather, yoking with a Higher Power. Why would we want to do this? Because we’ve lost our way, and deep within, we know it. We need help. Yoga, then, is like a form of prayer. It is a way of directly

uniting one’s mind with a Higher Mind. By doing so, we’re able to take in the strength, power, and light we need to live a meaningful, awake, life. Raja yoga is like an immersion of enlightenment straight into your consciousness, everyone you meditate.

When you ask yourself, “How to do meditation?” the answer becomes clear. You unite your mind with a Higher Power. You focus your mind on the Being, the Energy, that is the Divine, the One, God.

What about Mindfulness Meditation and Controlling Thoughts?

Mindfulness meditation came later, out of a Buddhist lineage. Mindfulness meditation means to simply bring your mind to be present with the present moment; the experience of your senses, and what is happening right now. This can be useful and helpful in relaxation. However, it is not a spiritual meditation technique. Meaning, mindfulness meditation will not lead to an increase in spiritual power. Raja yoga will. Raja yoga is essentially plugging in the ‘battery’ of the soul into the Source, the power station. You then become charged up.

This other issue with mindfulness meditation is that, minds wander. You might try and just observe your thoughts, yet, this is by no means leading you to having more power and control over your mind. You’re just letting it run it’s monkey ways and watching it. The end result doesn’t come with any real transformation value.

Practitioners of mindfulness meditation then often ask, “How to control thoughts during meditation?”

The answer is: You can’t.

The only way to gain some leverage over your mind and the direction of your thoughts, is to unite, connect in with a Higher Power, a Being of Higher Spiritual energy. As Einstein said, we cannot solve a problem at the level of consciousness it was created at. Therefore, you cannot sort out the mind with the mind. It’s not possible. You must go to a higher level of consciousness, by uniting yourself with a Higher Power, to gain the higher clarity and insight into better managing your mind and thoughts.

The Mind is Sacred Tool, Use it Well

As we know from modern manifestation books and resources, the mind has power. The more we learn to manage and direct the mind, the better. The ancient form of meditation, Raja Yoga, gives us the power to do this. It lifts us into a Higher State of Consciousness as we learn to focus the mind on a Higher Power. Whatever you focus on, you are sure to experience. Bring your mind to
focus on a swimming pool, and you will begin to feel the experience and energy of a swimming pool. If you bring your mind to focus on a certain person, you can feel the effect of that person’s energy. And so, why not bring our minds to focus on the Higher Energy, the Highest One, the Divine? By doing so, we give ourselves access to the most powerful energy in the Universe.

How to do Meditation: Free Meditation Course Online

And so, you may be wonderful, how do I practice rajayoga meditation, how  do I get started?

The best way to get started is to immerse yourself in the knowledge and understanding. We have a free online meditation course for you. This meditation course will teach you how to first of all know yourself, how to know the Divine, and how to focus your mind on this One. How to absorb powerful energy and raise your level of consciousness, so that you end up with a more positive and powerful mind, rather than just watching it do it’s thing and feeling somewhat drained and confused after. Raja yoga meditation will give you your power back.

Enjoy this free meditation course online.

And remember, all fo these “quick fixes” that the modern world offers us, such as medication for depression or anxiety, they will never help us change at the core. Rajayoga will. Give it a try.

Oceans of love, and very best wishes,

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“Little by little, through patience and repeated effort, the mind will become stilled in the Self.” — Bhagavad Gita


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