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Enjoy our free courses below. Each one is a journey deeper into the heart of your being and truth. From your life purpose, to your deep spiritual journey, you will find something below to ignite the flame of your inner truth and move you forward in your life.

Each course is unique and will bring myriads of new awareness and blessings into your life. Enjoy and many many blessings.


Share Your Gifts And Get Paid. Get the Enlightenedpreneurs Video Series &Turn your knowledge and experience into an online (or offline) business with ease, grace & joy! Discover how to do what you love and get paid (even if you’re just getting started).

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Raja Yoga

Learn the inner workings of you, the soul. Understand the deep philosophy of karma. Awaken your direct connection to the Divine. Claim your own deep spiritual fortune. Receive all of this… for free.

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Realize Your Dharma

Learn The Secrets Most People Will Never Know About Realizing Your Dharma. In this free training, you will discover an easy method to realize your own unique life path (and start living it). As you break free from living a life you don’t love, you’ll start feeling better and better every day.

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Softly Powerful

Introvert’s Guide to Success!
Discover How To Live An Authentic & Fulfilling Life On Your Own Terms. You’ve wondered if something is wrong with you – and if maybe you should “be more like everyone else?” If you said YES – this mini-course is for YOU.

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Ascension Toolkit

Find Balance, Harmony & Energy. Discover How To Raise Your Level Of Consciousness And Experience Deep Peace, Love and Freedom. Get Your Free Ascension Toolkit

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“The pleasure one enjoys from [spiritual] practice results in cessation of sorrow.” — Bhagavad Gita


The Ascension Toolkit
Spiritual Meditation Course
Eternal Freedom Course







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